Touching natural materials feels good. Natural textures chime with modern design, evoke happy feelings, and create a connection with nature.

Contemporary eco-friendly interiors are a fascinating fusion of style, organic design, reclaim, comfort  and functionality, and rejoice the modern ideas of stress-free, balanced lifestyle.

A study by OQAI (Observatoire de la Qualité de l’Air Intérieur) found that 60% of French homes are heavily or moderately polluted by several VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Among them are formaldehyde and benzene, classified as carcinogens.

Choose solid wood furniture that only diffuses a nice wood smell.

atelier B3KM EcoDesign

Custom made

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Large oak table by B3KM Design

Large oak table

table from  oak wood by B3KM sustainable Design


Table with jointed top by B3KM sustainable Design


table from antique oak barnfoor planks by B3KM EcoDesign


Oak & chestnut table by B3KM Design


12 persons table by B3KM EcoDesign

12 persons table

table detail by B3KM Design

Table Detail

Bench from antique chessnut floorbeam and iron by B3KM EcoDesign


Bar & bar-stools by B3KM Design

Bar with bar-stools

school and childrens furniture b3km ecodesign

childrens furniture

Childrens chair by B3KM EcoDesign

Childrens chair

Custom Cupboard by B3KM EcoDesign

Custom Cupboard

Soap dispencer by B3KM Design

Soap dispencer

desk from reclaimed tractor bucket by B3KM EcoDesign


childrens barrier for stairs

child barrier

cupboard by B3KM EcoDesign


bulk coffee cabinet B3KM EcoDesign Monein


shop cupboard by B3KM EcoDesign

Shop Cupboard

 Shop Counter by B3KM Design

Shop Counter

Shop furniture by B3KM Design

Shop Furniture

Bed From old wallnut bed-heads by B3KM EcoDesign
playground by B3KM EcoDesign


Furniture construction by B3KM EcoDesign

Furniture construction

shop furniture drawer detail by B3KM Design