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Building Ecological Marc van Bekkum

We want to protect our environment…..but our closest environment is our home.
In the old days houses and furniture were made from 100% natural materials… we can build them using chemical materials. The use of chemical materials has consequences for our health: allergies, chronic deceases and cancer.

Mankind needs nature, but nature thrives without mankind.
This means we have to cooperate with nature.

Eco Building is constructing in harmony with nature, to create comfort and a healthy environment in our house, and to save energy.

j'ecorenove = j'economise
My philosophy

Beautiful & Sustainable

Tradition meets design

Genuine materials are my passion and i like to reclaim used objects. It gives me pleasure to design or redesign buildings, spaces and objects with reclaimed wood, carved stones and tiles, or use different techniques to adapt raw materials to their style. Wood, stone, clay and metal create a rustic design, their organic shapes are often pieces of art by themselves, and combined with lots of natural light, make lovely rooms in which you can breath and feel well.
Green building now has a whole range of -preferably simple and passive- solutions for heating and ventilation; from simple traditional concepts like summer/winter sun, thermal mass and insulation, earth tubes and wood stove to sustainable energy technology.
I am inspired by Passive (solar)house and permaculture design.
My designs can include environmental-friendly energy solutions from the beginning.

authentic renovation

My expertise is authentic renovation. Working mainly with old houses and barns i use a combination of traditional and modern methods & tools to adapt to the style they are build in. In this way, they can be restored or improved with insulation, protection or extension, that adapts seamlessly to the building.

what can we do ?

In my relationship with clients, i find commitment, honesty and care for the environment important. I can do the whole job, or work together with you, as you please.

  • Renovation

  • extension

  • insulation

  • doors

  • stairs

  • furniture

  • small electricity & plumbing jobs

I love to help you plan and realise your project.

Speaking 4 languages, some of my clients are foreigners who have just settled down in France. It's a real pleasure to advice and help them realise their dreamhouse and to join the french countryside community.
marc van bekkum
B3KM EcoDesign